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May 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
out he was not hit apple took him into custody. governor jerry brown will release his state budget. instead of the $9 billion budget gap, the state is now facing a $16 billion deficit and that's mainly due to lower tax deficits. now in the video, he once again makes the pitch to voters to approve his plan for tax hikes in november. >>> today is the start with the third leader in five months. scott tonight sop is out just of a six mops of ceo. he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer but many say thompson's fate at the head of yahoo was sealed after it was revealed he padded his resident pavement. >> i honestly thought they would make this decision much more quickly than this. >> yahoo who had a global fate, there were three e board member and he was the first man to pressure him to fire thompson and he said in what's new board is working with leadership to unlock why he significant value. he is threatening to expose all of yahoos problems. >>> there are propers that free of the top executives cheaper. it follows a $2 billion loss by one of the bank's trading groups. >>> and tonigh
May 15, 2012 4:30am PDT
. >> in governor brown's revision, k through 12 education is spared but if they don't pass his tax proposal schools will be next on the chopping block. >> they are going to reject them in november as well. >> they will now study the governor's plan and they will come up with their own recommendations. the dead line is june 15thth. for more on the proposals you can go to our website. we have posted his revised section of politics in our website. >>> they are now celebrating rebirth. it was a scene of joy 20 months after the deadly blast of san bruins no. many are returning to new homes. they have been living in rented homes since that deadly blast. >> sleeping in a rented bed with rented sheets and now it is going to be mine. >> still trying to place things and you miss things you don't have anymore. >> many more families are expected to move back soon into san bruno neighborhood and they hope to welcome back more in these months and weeks ahead. >>> they are searching for a man which happened on silver avenue. police have not released the name of the victim but police say he was driving a dark colo
May 29, 2012 4:30am PDT
under the influence. justin brown was arrested on highway 101 just south of the golden gate bridge earlier this month. she had a bloodel alcohol content after hitting 2 cars and driving away. last year they complained about the paul revere disciplinary method. >> there are almost 6500 crosses on the corner of deer hill and bart station. each one represents a soldier or american air marine who died. >> although they not an active combat role, they will still have it and that is the reason we will remain here. >> the department of veteran's affairs says veterans commit suicide every day. 21-year-old army specialist hernandez died saturday in southern afghanistan. enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised bomb. >>> right now it is 450 . new project for michelle obama, the underwater vessel she agreed to stops sore. >>> the first words she spoke to her family in peeks, stay tuned for more -- familiar in weeks, stay tuned. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, the victim of a flesh eating bacteria is now speaking. the family of amy said she is speaking for the f
May 8, 2012 4:30am PDT
it 011. 24-year-old thomas adams died in mendocino county last february. >>> governor jerry brown joined hundreds of law enforcement who died in the line of actuality. one of the officers was jim cap pooh 0 died in november pursuing a robbery suspect. we now know what killed art kit kinkaid. his death was an accident caused by a fatal combination of alcohol and valium. his brother told the san jose mercury news his brother had battled it for years and relapsed just prior to his deaths. he sold more than 10 million beyond pieces. the second face against or call is now underway. they will hear testimony on whether it private two -- violates two java pat tents and one is in favor of or call. it could not agree on the 4th basis for a setelment. >>> it will go before the -- go before the board of supervisors. the full board is expected and mount any riders who have not paid a fair will go through the front door but if you have a chicker pass or jump he and really the better rider experience of not having to wait so lock at one of our many bus stops is the real benefit. >> now 451, he is being
May 7, 2012 4:30am PDT
. governor brown will be among those attenning that ceremony. meantime several bay area police officers are taking part in a national event honoring james capoot and 160 other fallen police officers. overnight they took a red eye flight from oakland to new york city. the officers will join others from across the country in a marathon bike ride to raise money for the national law enforcement memorial. three vallejo police officers still grieving the loss of officer capoot will be among the riders. >> i sit behind his chair in lineup. i see his name every day. we have not forgotten him. we have not forgotten his family. we think about him all the time. >> the bay area police officers traveled light during their cross country trip. fedex shipped their bikes and all their bike gear ahead of them free of charge. >>> 4:35. in san francisco dozens of people are in temporary housing after a fire burned their apartments. it started just before 10:00 yesterday morning at duboce and valencia streets. five firefighters are hurt but they are expected to be okay. one person was taken to the hospital
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5